Sunday, October 13, 2013

Convert Work

The Pope does not seem to be so interested in convert work, which is not the same as evangelization.  The pope is focused on concern for the poor, the maginalized, the destitute and our indifference to it.  What I often see is someone becoming a Catholic, going to sacraments, maybe even doing some volunteer work in the parish, but otherwise not much changes in the world beyond themselves.  The pope seems more interested in a conversion of the heart in a relationship to Christ that actually reaches out to the larger world as did Christ in his ministry to the marginalized person.  After Jesus was tossed from the synogogues, he did his ministry on the streets and in the countryside until he came to Jerusalem.  He was safe among the poor in the countryside, out in the streets.  The powers that be did not spend much time there.  Once in the city, they got rid of him.

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